Apr 24, 2017

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How CarterLambert can help your health and personal development in australian workplaces

Human resources are the people who make up the workforce of an organisation, says Wikipedia, and an organisation’s greatest asset is its employees. Having a focused, motivated, skilled and efficient workforce will improve the productivity of your business. Employees that execute their responsibilities well, have the company’s objectives in mind and can take up several responsibilities are an advantage to your business. The overall result in such a case produces happy clients which result in profit gain for your organisation. However, this is not the case in many business setting. More often the employees are involved in meeting their set targets to have time for personal development. Personal developments are those activities that improve responsibility, a better understanding of the company’s goals and motivation to develop talent and harness potential. 

Businesses are tasked with the responsibility to offer tools that will improve workers’ performance and growth. This not only improves the business’ productivity but is also a requirement by the government. Laws and policies have been put into place by legislators to assist organisations in developing and assessing their workers. This process of having a skilled and effective workforce can be time-consuming and costly. It is in this aspect that companies specialised in matters concerning human resources management have come about. CarterLambert is an organisation of highly experienced experts that deals with employees’ management, their welfare, training and assessment. To achieve this CarterLambert offers a variety of services which are aimed at improving workers’ performance in the workplace.


These services include:


Human resource essentials:

These are policies and laws put in place by the government to ensure proper running of your organisation. Their experienced human resource advisor checks your existing policies, work procedures and documentation of activities carried out to ensure they are in line with the legislators’ requirements. This will help you manage your daily human resource and work, health and safety issues effectively. It will also protect your business from noncompliance. With this service, you will get practical tools, guidelines, templates and workflow charts for the effective running of your business. It will help you manage your employees better hence improving their productivity.


Strategy alignment:

This service is aimed to help your business align its objectives with those of your employees. By achieving this, it will ensure effective and smooth running of your business. Their team of experienced human resources experts will help you come up with a clear strategy detailing the goals and objectives for each and every employee to facilitate effective worker’s management. The overall result will be a productive workforce tailored to meet your organisation’s objectives.

Organisation design and performance management:

A successful business is designed to facilitate clear workflow and promote success. Organisation design will assist with the aligning of your business structure with its overall mission. CarterLambert achieves this by ensuring your business has the required resources, organisation structure, systems, process and performance management measures in place. To improve capability and performance of your workforce, CarterLambert:

  • Ensures your business objectives are supported by checking how tasks, workflow, responsibilities and authority relate to one another.
  • Ensuring your organisation has effective communication flow which helps in facilitating high productivity and innovation in your employees.
  • Putting in place guidelines that will make the business environment conducive for the employees to work efficiently and be motivated.
  • Devising a strategy that recognises exception worker input which can be used to reward hardworking employees. This will, in turn, produce employee satisfaction and improve productivity.



This includes the provision of professional training services to individuals, leaders and teams to improve skills in leadership, team effectiveness, career development through outplacement and promoting general personal wellbeing. The coaching approach cements a trusting relationship between employer and employee by setting goals, achieving outcomes and supporting both personal and professional growth. This strategy is aimed at achieving maximum worker potential. This program has numerous benefits such improved performance and team effectiveness leading to an increase in productivity. It also results in boosting self-confidence, capability, relationship, communication skills and time management.


Talent management:

Talent management solutions help your business in identifying the right individuals, retain and develop them into responsible individuals who will improve your business’ productivity. CarterLambert, talent management solutions, will help you in:

  • Identifying suitable individuals, hiring them, their retention, promoting and worker termination.
  • Implementing training of workers
  • Understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of employees.
  • Creating a working environment that promotes innovation and dedication, and
  • Developing career development opportunities for your employees.

These solutions will help improve your management and leadership skills while maximising your workers’ potential.

The wellbeing of your workforce will determine the success of your organisation.A workforce that is motivated, have a sense of responsibility and meets the set targets timely is a profitable asset to your organisation. Take the initiative and contact these Brisbane human resource consultants today and watch your business grow.

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Sep 26, 2016

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All You Should Understand About Online Meditation

All You Should Understand About online meditation

Meditation, in accordance to Wikipedia, is a practice where an individual trains the mind in attempts to cultivate an altered state of consciousness. You achieve for a moment relaxation and a sense of balance and centeredness. With this approach, you empty your mind of intrusive thoughts and worries. In many regards, this approach to meditation is similar to a taking a vacation from the emotional stress of life. However, when you return to normal daily activities, you also return to those same worries and issues. Generally speaking, such approaches to meditation are not able to transform emotional suffering and recurring patterns that continue to plague your mind. With that in mind, there is an entirely different approach to our mental state and emotional stress. Instead of emptying our minds of these stressors, we face them and surround the emotion or reactive thought with mindfulness.


This type of meditation is known as mindfulness meditation. With online meditation, it is facilitated by an instructor of a guide who is available by email and who provides instruction online such as through a web-conferencing or website and generally by appointment. In Mindfulness Meditation Therapy, difficult emotions are the focus of the meditation. The first part of MMT is learning to recognise the impulse to react. The next step is to form a mindfulness-based relationship with impulse-emotion.


Most of us are unaware of impulses, and what happens is they take control of us and essentially, ambush our state of mind. It is important to recognise them first before them taking hold and while they are still in the very early stages. Mindfulness teaches us how to form a restorative relationship with our distress that is open and present, and not reactive. By learning to have an inner relationship, it provides a sense of empowerment and provides the tools we need to complete the inner transformation. This approach allows for right inner restorative space that allows the negative emotions to resolve and heal themselves. It restores freedom.


The next step is to form and maintain a mindfulness-based relationship with the impulse-emotion. Consider the analogy of when you place a wild animal in a large space. The thought is that it cannot hurt itself or you. With this analogy, the large, open space is love. When you surround your inner torment with this mindful space-love, then the environment provided is right so that the emotion will soften and transform.


Mindfulness Meditation Therapy is a more direct approach since you are directly approaching your emotions. Although the other meditation techniques assist with escaping your problems and stresses for a period, those issues remain when you return for the momentary vacation. In doing so, our stresses are approached, we create an open space which is love to soften and transform the obtrusive edges of our problems and issues. Thus, we are diffusing any exploration and creating a healthy approach to resolving our issues. The online instructor is a therapist who is qualified to work with individuals to resolve difficult emotional issues that include anxiety, depressions, phobias, grief, anger management, stress, and trauma.

Whatever online meditation program you choose (e.g. streamline meditation), remember that you will only get out what you put in.

Meditation can be described as a state of awareness which occurs when the mind is calm and silent. One of its aims is to train the mind to be fully present, observing mental chatter in an objective manner, without attachment, until it becomes fully lost to the void.

While most religions make use of this technique in varying forms, it does not always have a religious element. It is, in fact, a natural part of being human and is widely promoted as a therapeutic tool for improving health and cognitive function.

Anyone who has listened to a beautiful piece of music or observed a stunning painting and felt a sense of peace and calm, while their mind becomes clear and their perception focused, has experienced a state of meditation.

The simplest things can often be the most complex. The mind itself is a complex machine, and a tricky beast to tame when attempting to reach a state of mental stillness. But persistence is key, for, over time, it becomes easier to enter this state at will.

A successful meditation means simply being aware, without attachment, observing each moment without effort – just being, and focusing on the now. It is a state which one can regress into solely for the experience itself, or for the purpose of contemplation, where all focus is channelled onto one idea.

Some cultures use robes, incense, candles, bells, bowls etc. to create an atmosphere, which can in turn help with entering deeper states of consciousness. There are no rules, however – you can either exclude all of these or find out which tools your mind associates with peace and tranquillity.

Businessman meditating on the floor in front of his laptop. Shot from above, focus on man.

While meditation can often take years of practice to master, brain entrainment can streamline the process of single-pointed focus by creating an FFR (frequency following response) between your brainwaves, and an audible tone. By syncing your brain’s frequency to this tone, you can reach altered states of awareness in as little as 8-minutes.

Before commencing with the session, it helps to relax every muscle in your body using great visualisation. This will aid in the process of stilling your mind. When you feel totally relaxed, begin the session, and focus solely on the tone. Within a short period, you will start noticing social changes.

Try listening to the brain entrainment session on a consistent basis. Your mind will eventually become accustomed to reaching altered states without the aid of brain entrainment. It’s like learning a new skill, which with practice, becomes ingrained within the mind through the formation of new neurological connections.
While we are a long way from it, the study of the effects of brain entrainment on the mind can eventually provide a gateway to a convergence of the science of the West, and the mysticism of the East. This will mean a scientific approach to the exploration of consciousness. Book your meditation classes and try online meditation today.

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Sep 9, 2016

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The Industry of Health and Wellness in Australia



One of the industries we use for our health is yoga, Wikipedia states that yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. The industry of health and wellness, however, is another industry that is a gold mine at whatever time. Australians are ever aware of their wellbeing and they are prepared to spend any sum to keep themselves fit as a fiddle. Regardless of the way that there are as of now numerous wellbeing and health items accessible to Australians, there’s sufficient benefit to going ground. The best Health and Wellness Australian Businesses are still alive including yoga fortitude valley, yoga new farm and yoga Brisbane and well, and there are plenty of potential opportunities still left untapped and not just yoga. Experts in the matter have been paying attention to the way the health and wellness industry is able to provide the drive for Australian economy growth and they give some knowledge into most recent exploration in this which can help all associations independent of the status of their own prosperity program.

Current Situation of the Industry of Health and Wellness in Australia

noosa-health-wellness-experiences-02It is apparent that the health and wellness businesses in Australia have been focused on the corporate world recently. The significance of putting resources into human capital, all the more usually alluded to as the representative workforce, has never been more critical than in today’s business world. Sickness, low efficiency, work process interferences are all adding to variable income and profitability targets. Furthermore, the responsibility for circuitous expenses of poor representative wellbeing is likewise having huge negative effects on money related results.

wellness_fitness1The significance of precaution wellbeing measures especially in connection to a modifiable way of life danger elements for perpetual sickness has been perceived, and medications intended to address these have been created and received in the work environment. The work environment is a critical setting for the conveyance of these intercessions. Research demonstrates we burn through thirty-three percent of our life at work and it is the place we fabricate critical individual and expert connections. This is why the corporate health and wellness programs are important.

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Sep 9, 2016

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Opportunities in Health and Wellness in Australia


According to Wikipedia, Health food is food considered beneficial to health in ways that go beyond a normal healthy diet required for human nutrition. In case you are interested in the industry of health and wellness and you are looking for The best Health and Wellness Australian Businesses you can tap into such as e-commerce sites for example, in a world where you can buy meat online with the simple search for spit roast Brisbane or butcher Brisbane, the search could be endless, however, you could consider concentrating your efforts on the corporate world. The corporate world is a spot where we are well on the way to be affected to change conduct and embrace sound propensities. Corporate wellbeing and prosperity projects are thusly being utilised like never before to add to individual wellbeing results in the working environment while improving engagement and diminishing the expenses of truancy. The business case is entirely clear while considering the soundness of Australians and the potential advantages for embracing wellbeing and prosperity at work.

Considering Opportunities in Health and Wellness in Australia

exw100x_bannerAn investigation attempted in 2010 evaluated the expense of truancy to the Australian economy as being seven billion dollars a year. An overview of the wellbeing of Australia by the Australian Bureau of Statistics recognised that thirty-three percent of working-age Australians has no less than one of eight chose interminable ailments, including coronary illness, melancholy, diabetes and osteoporosis, and the yearly cost to businesses of high truancy and poor representative wellbeing surpasses thirty-four billion dollars. Psychological well-being and prosperity is a standout amongst the most noteworthy wellbeing advancement difficulties of the twenty-first century.


Most bosses spotlight on the individual and give assets and direction to manage workplace weights and requests. Fewer managers, however, concentrate on evaluating and enhancing psychosocial elements such as equalisation of interest control or exertion reward, social bolster, part equivocalness, tormenting, or badgering at work. At the point when issues, for example, these are not tended to, worker well-being and profitability are tested. This is a good opportunity for health and wellness programs to get into the corporate world in assisting business owners to find a way to cut back cost and increase the effectiveness of the employee.

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